Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Its Oddness Made it Good (with video)


Hello Friends!

Thank you for popping by and visiting my blog today.

I wanted to go back to collaging with magazines for today's page. More than anything else, it helps let my inner weird out. When I collage with stamps, digital or rubber, I tend to have a plan in my head, no matter how vague. With magazines, I have no idea what will emerge. I need to do it far more often. I love how it helps expand my ideas.


I also played around with adding a bit more texture to my background. After a little bit of play using tags, I found the balance I wanted to keep a deep, intense colour whilst introducing visual texture. Yes, I went retro and grabbed a sea sponge. I tried it out on a variety of colours and loved the look. And for this page, I went for blue! Well it is one of my favourites. 


I also got to play with my sophisticated script stamp set from Concord & 9th. I saw Vicky P use it on one of her pages and had to have it. 

I even filmed the process. So if you fancy seeing how I put this page together, please sit back, take the weight of your feet and press the link below to take you to my youtube channel.

Hope you enjoyed.

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul x

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: I Came 4 the Biceps (with Video)


Hello Friends!

Thank you for popping by and visiting my blog today. 

As you can see, I've been busy creating another art journal page. Not in a book journal this time but on A4 card cut square. Something I used to do last year before I started diving into covering book pages.


You probably have guessed by now that I favour bright and bold colours when I'm creating. And yes, that is indeed my current default. But every now and then, I have the urge to play with a monochrome palette, which is how the idea for the background started. I treated myself to the new grey Distress Oxide ink, Hickory Smoke and wanted a reason to crack it open.


And as is often the case for me, once I had my background made, I loved it so much, I really did not want to add anything on top. However, art journal pages are not about making pretty backgrounds and then stopping there (okay, there are no rules and if you wish to stop at making backgrounds, there's no judgement here - this is a self-imposed mantra).

Out came my pencils, pens and paints and I doodled a critter to sit on my page, backed with a fabulous halo of white by using a stencil from Visible Image Stamps.

For the quote, I went to my notebook where I keep snatches of conversation I overhear. This line came from the Podcast "Feast of Fun". Now before you go searching for it on iTunes, please note it contains adult language and themes. Of course it does. Why else would I listen?

And though I begged people to stop me if I outlined letters again, I went ahead and did it again. Actually, I think it worked this time (phew, wipes brow).

And if you's like to see how I did all the above, I recorded a video which you can click on below. No pressure, but if you do find yourself enjoying it, don't forget to press the subscribe button and the little alarm bell symbol too.

That's all for now friends

Until next time

Love & hugs

Paul x

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Humble Heart + Video & FREE Digital Stamp


Hello Gorgeous People!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and as a treat, there's a link to a free digital stamp of the drippy heart design you will see me use in today's art journal page.

I wish I could say there was a lot of forward planning involved and that this has been in the pipeline for a long time. Sadly no. I decided on Monday that I'd draw a freebie stamp and make a page with it. And today is Wednesday. Not a lot of time to do everything to get this up and online in time. If you're reading this on Wednesday (as planned) then I've managed it. And yes, in my haste to make the page, I misspelled "Wholly" as "Wholey". 


The page is a relatively quick and easy one. Not a lot of time to add embellishments or add layer upon layer of detail. However, I think it still comes over very much as my style, if pared back a little.


And not only did I draw a stamp, digitise it, use it in an art journal spread but I filmed it too. Yes, I edited and uploaded a video of the process. There's no voiceover (not enough time) so it's just a basic fast forward time-lapse. It's just under ten minutes, so you can enjoy a cuppa and biscuit whilst you watch.

And if you'd like to take advantage of the free drippy heart design, please click on the following link to the PDF file.

FREE Digital Stamp - Drippy Valentine's Heart pdf

Hope you enjoy using the stamp and if you do, I'd love to see what you make

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Mixed Media Art Journal Page - I Was Surprised (with video)


Hello Lovelies!

Ever have a page which just wouldn't play ball? I can't say that it didn't go to plan as that would imply there was a plan set in place to begin with. Like many who open their art journals, I just begin and see where it takes me.


This page, though it started off good and well, quickly fell out of my control once I added the journalling. Actually, to be fair, for the eagle eyed amongst you, you'll notice it went pear shaped before then because I stuck my doodle monster onto my page the wrong way up and the subsequent journalling was also added upside down.


My art journal now has a page that those who like order and control will blanch when they see it. Maybe one day, if I do a journal flip through, you'll see what I mean. One of these spreads, as the song goes on Sesame Street, is not like the others!

Back to the journalling. I should have known better than to outline my text. It's never looked good on my pages before, why would I think it would now? Don't get me wrong. The effect looks stunning on other people's pages. It just doesn't look right when I do it. 

So I tried to correct it and it nearly drove me mad. Thankfully the hour it took to add black over the white is edited out of the video below. So please, please, please if I ever feel the urge to outline text, someone please stop me!

Anyway check out the edited version and see how this page came about.

Until next time

Paul x

Art Journal Page: Celebrate Your Difference (with Video)


Hey there lovelies!

I'm back with another page from my journal. This time I've taken inspiration from art journalists who collage with stamp images (Dyan Reaveley, James Burke, Teesha Moore - to name but three).  With this in mind, I printed out a selection of my digital stamps and chopped them up, switched them around and voila, i had three new Rebels to play with.

I even filmed the process of putting this page together which you can check out below

As you can see, it doesn't always go to plan. Ideas which seem to be great at the time (in my head at least), look less so in execution. Gold outlines didn't look quite as stunning as when Sherill Kahn does them (well not on this spread it didn't) and outlining the letters with a thin paint pen was not as impressive as when I went over them again, with a thicker line. Sometimes that's just how it is. When experimenting with ideas, some of them will stink. Some of them just need a little tweaking. 


The joy of making these pages is not in the finished piece. It's in the making. It's that mental zone you go into. That calm state. It's coming up with an idea about what to add next and seeing what happens when you do. 


If you're looking for something to do with your your next journal page, go through your stamps, ink 'em up, stamp 'em down and go grab your scissors. There's a weird, wacky collage just waiting to be created!

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Art Journal Page: Party In The Margins


Hello Lovelies!!!!

And as the divine Michelle Visage exclaimed in a pre-holiday season podcast of What's The Tee, let's Party in the Margins! For those who don't find themselves, or wish to find themselves, within the mainstream, there's indeed a party in the margins - and lets face it - thats where all the fabulous people are haha.

So I've opened another page of my journal, popped a few caps from my Posca pens and doodled the sheer heck out of it. I wanted to try out an idea of a brightly coloured background made up from drawing a bunch of wiggly lines. I'd seen a poster with something similar and wanted to give it my own spin.

Im glad I tried it though I think, now I've tried it, I could do with tweaking the idea, should I wish to try something again of a similar nature.

Anyway, if you'd like to see the process video, it's now been uploaded to Youtube and you can have a quick look by clicking on the picture below. The sound quality goes a bit wonky at the end but I've left it in. 

I hope you enjoyed it

Have a fabulous week :)

P xx

A New Year, A New Page, A New Video! "On The Train with Me"


Hello Lovelies!

And Happy New Year to you! Like many, I'm on good behaviour, trying to make up for the excesses of December. I'm not one for making resolutions, just to watch me break them. Eating healthier and exercising are still my ongoing habits. I just happened to slip in the festive season and well, who doesn't?

But I have decided on one little goal. To upload and improve upon the videos on my Youtube page.  I'm going to set aside a bit more time and put a bit more thought into them. 

With that said, here's my first art journal page of the year, with, you guessed it, an accompanying video.

I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe a goofy monster will make it into a future journal page of yours too. I ran out of time and failed to explain the quote. It's another overheard snippet. The person speaking was referring to a book they were reading on the train. But I do love how, like a Dadaist, you can take sentences out of context and use them. An off-the-cuff, ordinary remark can make for such a delicious starting point for a page lol.

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Art Journal Page: Don't Be Shady! (with Video)


Hey there lovelies!

Yes, I'm back with another art journal spread and a start to finish process video (with a tiny bit of stamping and gluing missed off, when I was all discombobulated over whether I was turning my camera on or off).


I've recently taken delivery of the gorgeous and very clever stamps sets, designed and produced by the witty and talented James Burke. Go watch his videos if you haven't caught them already. I promise you, you will fall in love with both him and his style. The moment he gleefully greets you with a "G'day Friends!", you'll be hooked.


Now this page was inspired by a technique he regularly teaches. To stamp the images in a light grey ink and use them as a base to draw over and transform into many different styles and characters. You are limited only in your imagination. And a great way for those under the misapprehension that they cant draw to have a go.



Anyway, I stamped up three of the Unbothered ladies (there are 4 in the set) and gave them a Hammer horror make-over. And I'm sure there are plenty of stamps in my collection (and yours too I would hazard a guess) which can be revisited and altered this way. 


Anyway, watch how my page (See Below) is made and then head over to James' channel to see the master in action :)

Materials List

James Burke Stamps - Unbothered

Seth Apter Stamps - Roundabouts, Turnarounds

Posca Pens - Apple Free, Black, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green

Archival Ink - Violet, Fuchsia

Molotow Pen - White

Uniball White Sigma Pen

Daler Rowney Acrylic Ink - Process Magenta

Dylusions Paint - White, Bubblegum Pink, Crushed Grape


See you next time 

Paul xx