Art Journal Page: Just A Guy

This page has been sat on my desk, staring at me for a few weeks now. Not sure why, but it seemed to take long stretches of time before I'd return to it and add more detail. I could say it's because i had other projects on but her, when don't I have that as a standby excuse. Anyway, I'm glad it's finished and that I can move onto a fresh page.

Other than the washi tape border, this whole page has been created from acrylic inks and paint pens. I figured I could just draw some squiggly lines and go with the flow, doodling between the lines. Little realising I'd become stuck. However, once I started, there was no stopping me. It's just the pauses in between those frantic sessions.

The journaling is a new tagline I'm toying with. I've been writing down random ideas whenever they've occurred to me and this is the one I like today. I can't promise I won't think of another come tomorrow and change it all over again.

Have a great weekend my darlings

Paul x

Art Journal Pages using Eco Line Inks

I recently treated myself to a set of Ecoline Inks. As you may already know, I'm totally in love with using acrylic ink washes in my journal pages. So I was intrigued to see how well a watercolour ink would work. I was particularly drawn to the vibrant colour they gave.

So I opened up a journal and set about playing with these inks and producing two different pages. The one above came about by drawing three circles in pencil, doodling inside and then adding the inks with a paintbrush. I added darker colours with colour pencils and added black with a Posca paint pen. 

I trimmed these out and glued to a page I had previously given a wash of purple watercolour ink too. I added the journaling with my black Posca as well as detail around the border. And I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the gorgeous bold colour which resulted. Pages like this, make me happy. 

For the second page, I had another idea. on a separate piece of paper, using a wide paintbrush, I added thick lines of ink, in a rainbow sequence. I took a card mask I'd made and drew around in pencil. 

Then, using the black ink, I wanted to see if it would cover the other colours. Which, as you can see, it has. Okay, a second wash might have covered the blue up even more. I drew around my figure with a black Posca pen and added a doodled border.

For the journaling, I used a white Posca pen.

I trimmed the page and stuck it into my journal, bore using a purple Posca pen around the edge.

Don't you just love playing with new art materials and seeing how well there (or not). There's plenty of ink still in the bottles too, so it looks like a little goes a long way. I can happily add to many future pages.

P xx

Just Sit - A Zine

If you think it's been a while since I last posted, you'd be right. First of all, I had a week's holiday at home. Yes, who'd have ever thought I'd have a Staycation? It almost felt like a real holiday too! Certainly if you judge by the amount of cake and ice cream I ate. Holiday or not, I now need to lose the added weight I gained!

And the other reason I haven't posted is because I made a zine. Unlike art journal pages, this took a lot more time to make. It's basically making eight ATCs, but on one sheet of card. Yes, this little booklet is made from one sheet of white A4 card.


I've seen this mini book idea many times before and have indeed made a few in my time. However, as time has passed, I had completely forgotten about this idea until the tainted Mr Burke shared a recent video with his take on it.

Well, I was renewed with enthusiasm to go and make a zine. Plus I had in my hands a batch of gorgeous stamps from Aall & Create, just sitting on my desk, calling to me. So I resolved to rip open the packaging and dirty these stamps up with ink.


I started out by painting a square block of colour in each page with acrylic inks, in rainbow order. I then looked at the stamp designs, came up with ideas and basically went with the flow. As long as it was colourful, bold and allowed for lots of doodling, anything was game.


And whilst it may take other artists/crafters a mere few hours to knock one of these fellas off, I found that each page took me roughly a couple of hours each day, meaning this took me over a week to complete. Much longer than a normal art journal project. Hence the radio silence on here. Too busy playing and being messy.

If you'd like a list of the stamps I used, here goes...

Set No. 2

Set No. 3

Set No. 4

Set No. 10

I feel the addiction to making these zines is going to take hold. I already have a head swimming with ideas for future booklets. They can be an ideal way to test out new ideas and themes. 

Until next time

P xx

Art Journal Page: Music

A bit of a rushed page as I have the lurgy, or rather, had. I'm feeling loads better, even if a little light on the energy front. 

I've joined the Facebook Group, The Junk Journals and their challenge for last week was to use the three colours - Pink, Turquoise and Brown, along with the theme, Music.

I doodled some swirls in pencil and painted the blocks with pink & turquoise acrylic paints. I drew a metronome, coloured it with watercolours, cut out and attached. And that's how it stayed for a few days. 

Deadlines were looming for the challenge (and incidentally, missed) so I cracked on with adding the words and a heap of doodles using paint pens.

The inspiration for the words is the Mancunian DJ and fellow old fart, Mark Radcliffe. In his autobiography, Showbusiness (which, if you can get your hands on the audiotapes, is funnier to listen to than read). He remembers listening to music as a teen, such as Bowie, whilst his parents were appalled by it all. I know my tastes in new romantic, goth and indie bands had my own shaking their heads in disbelief. And that's how it should be. I'm the generation that shouldn't understand the music of today. If I'm not shaking my head and telling youngsters that it was much better in my day, then they're listening to the wrong stuff.

It's a rite of passage to enjoy the kind of music adults hate.

And I'm aware of the timing of this post. I made this before the dreadful events just down the road from here in the city of Manchester. As I write, the details of who carried out this appalling act and why are unknown. I may not enjoy the music of Arianna Grande and why would I? It's not for my generation. But my heart breaks that the youth of today, went out to see their own musical hero, only to be caught up in unfathomable tragedy. 

It puts life into perspective at these solemn times. 

There's a new challenge up on Junk Journals, this week, a triadic colour scheme and the theme of 'Change', so I'm hoping to feel well enough to join in properly. 

Enjoy your week and hug those you love

P xx

ArtJournalPage: The Invitation

I made a darker page than normal in my art journal. I wanted it to have a more sinister undertone. Influenced by a film I watched on Netflix, over the weekend, of the same name. 

I also wanted to experiment with bright pink on a dark grey background. So with all these thoughts in my head, I went for it. I started by grabbing a light grey acrylic ink and sponging it onto the background. I then added black ink to the grey and sponged on some more. After several layers of sponging, I stamped a few images in another grey, to give some subtle texture. I was aiming for the look of a grunge wall.

I drew the balloon head guy, scanned him in to my computer and printed out. I coloured him in with watercolours then added detail with colour pencils. I stuck him in and added a grey shadow in pencil.

I took my podcast and wrote the journaling and added a dashed line for a border.

Fun to have a more graphic styled page again. Even if it shows up the flaws. Yes, if I was to do it again, the balloon guy would be dropped down a bit lower.  That's the genius of pages where more is more. It hides such visual problems lol

P x

Art Journal: Nothing Upstairs

Yes it may come as no surprise to anyone that there are days when I wake up and sit at my desk and find there's nothing going on upstairs. I turn to my brain for creative inspiration only to discover a 'Sorry Closed' sign up. There's nothing, nada!

As for the page, it started by printing out two of my doodle monsters with the intention of doing something different with each. Given the colours I used to paint them, I decided to ying and yang them with the backgrounds. All done in watercolour, using Primas Classic set.

The rest was all doodled over with Posca paint pens. 

It's a fun, cartoonish page. Something frothy and light to start off my new journal which is a small Dylusions one. Not sure, but I feel like going for a more arty touch for the next page. 

Until then, have a fun week

P xx


Art Journal Page: What Other People Think

By now you must have realised how much of a fan I am of drag race & Ru Paul. Even listening to his podcast means some quotes and wise words seep through into my brain. The above quote is one such aphorism.

It's his mantra especially when it comes to reading online comments. Good or Bad. Because to put yourself into the mindset of not paying heed to them, you need to be unaffected by either. And what other people think and write about you online or in person is rarely to do with you and is all about them. And it's none of your business :)

So to journal and keep this quote as a reminder to myself, I made a page.

The background was given a wash of acrylic Ink. I added a border using strips of Washi Tape a friend gifted to me. I printed out one of my Doodle Monsters and coloured in with watercolour and pencil. The quote and the squiggle were added with Posca paint pens.

And that, my friends, completes my journal. There are a few more pages, a mere handful if that, but the book is at it's limit. Anymore and it definitely won't close shut. So I am declaring it finished. And I may even do a video flip through of the whole thing. It's fascinating to see it as a whole rather than each individual page. 

In the meantime, I need to find me another book to start journalling in.

P xx

Art Journal Page: What is a B.I.T.C.H?

If you find that you are a person who is Being In Total Control of Him(her)self, then you are a bitch. Well according to Latrice Royale on Ru Paul's Drag Race.

I love a good (& bad) acronym. Drag (Dress Representing a Girl), Gay (Good as you), Naff (Normal as F*@$). As so does Ru Paul. Yes, I'm a fan of his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. You get the idea.

And I absolutely fell for Latrice Royale when she was on Drag Race. Boy can she turn a phrase, that one and end it with the warmest, deepest laugh ever heard on this messed up planet. And she educated the world as to what a Bitch is. Gay culture does that so well. Takes a negative, turns it into a positive. It's our armour, our shield.

The page? Well its a wash of blue acrylic ink applied with a sponge brush. Then a border, cut out from more paper which was coloured in inks. The critter is a Doodle Monster from my #The100DayChallenge. So useful to have a batch of doodles to print out and play with. I coloured him in with watercolours and pencils. The journaling and doodles were all done with paint pens.

Can't believe my journal is nearly full. Only a few pages left. I love flicking through it. All that bold, bright colour. Makes me so happy. I'll have to decide soon whether I want to decorate the outside of my journal. Or leave it as is. Well, I don't have to decide quite yet :) I could delay working in the final pages haha

P x