Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Sparkle for Free


Hi There Lovelies!

I'm back with yet another art journal page. You'd think my journal would be almost full by now at this rate. However, I'm not even at the halfway point!

Well, despite the deceptively simple appearance of the finished page, this turned out to be quite an educational piece, especially on the use of paints and paint pens. 


All went well until I added an orange border and tried to draw over the top of it. I ended up breaking three pen nibs and having to buy replacements. Nothing I tried would draw on top. They all started out fine, but I'd be halfway down a border and the ink would dry up. Shaking, stabbing, washing, crying. Nothing brought these pens back to life.

I persevered, hence the graveyard of pens left behind as I ruined one after the other. However, after a night's sleep, I grabbed my gesso and whited the border out and began again. 


So now I'm going back to basics and re-educating myself on which paints and inks work best with which pens and pencils. I've been creating swatches onto scraps of paper and finding the ones which work best for my particular style. 

No doubt I'll still have learning experiences in the future too. But hopefully, for at least now, my pens will thank me and I won't spend several hours faffing over tiny details on a border, only to erase it the following day :D

I filmed the process which you are more than welcome to watch below. I've left in the first border attempt but it is brutally edited. And in spite of the aggravations, I did end up with a page I love. Especially the sparkle doodles.

I hope you enjoyed. 

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx