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Hey There Lovelies!!!

This week I'm starting a new theme, "Category Is..." in keeping with my Drag Ball Inspired name "House of the Artsiders". Also, Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 10 is currently on each week and I'm lapping it up every Friday on Netflix. 

The runway challenges of Drag Race & New York's Drag Balls (watch the film Paris is Burning if you want to learn all there is to know on Balls), have themes beginning with, you guessed it, "Category is..."

I thought I might take some of Drag Race categories and interpret them in mixed media and art journals. And I might expand it out into my categories. And then I saw the photo below on Pinterest and thought Yasssss!!! Black & Gold Realness! That will be my first attempt at this theme.

B&G Photo Movie Width.jpg

The use of black and gold plus that gorgeous vine design running down her face and neck. Such a striking photo to be inspired by.


I hadn't planned on being as literal as I was. I used a grey background, similar to the model's skin colour in the photo. I began drawing a face, a club-kid kinda idea and by the time I finished adding the embossed pieces, I realised I had almost copied the face with gold above the eyes ad black along the eyes. 

However, the vines were a joy to doodle and add to the rest of the page. It took around an hour but I was completely lost in time scribbling away.

And yes, I recorded the process and the edited video can be found below. 

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any suggestions for future "Category Is..." challenges, let me know

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xxx