Mixed Media Art Journal Page: That Person's Head


Hi There 

What a welcome change. After a variety of lessons learnt on previous pages, I've created one which was mostly hitch free and yes, to my liking. I'm actually feeling pleased. Okay, I can still look at it and point out a few areas I'd want to perfect but I've accepted in my old and wiser years, that this is not a productive way to view my art.

I do love the graphic styled arrangement of all the elements and I am really bowled over by the way the lime green and purple interact. Colour, especially bright, cheerful palettes, visually bring me joy to look at. 


There's a little bit of collage thrown into the mix too. Taking a couple of faces cut from magazines and altering to make cartoonish, fun characters to my page. It's painting the eyes which slay me! It gives the cut-outs that extra Dadaist touch. 

If you'd like to see an edited video of the process, click below and watch with a cuppa and try to ignore the ramblings in the voiceover haha. 

And that's how this fabulous page came into being. 

I shall keep this spread in mind in the future, when I need to recall what, creatively, brings me joy.

So until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx