Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Full of Krill (with Video)


Hi There!

Thank you for popping by and visiting my blog today.

I'm sharing another page, this time inspired by a challenge set by the Junk Journals group. The options this time around are

THEME, well that’s for you to decide! We want to see you do with the Technique, Product and colour!

Now how can I pass that up? It simply screams my style. Yes, the point of doing challenges can be to stretch you outside that wonderful comfort zone. Been there, done that, went back under my duvet. So I'm more than happy to join in on one where I'm completely at ease haha.


The rainbow became my background, as did the inks. Armed with the ROYGBIV options in Ranger's Distress Oxides, I applied my lines of colour and blended them into each other. I've said it before but by heck they are so freakin easy to blend!

The border was doodled on top and well, that's the challenge met right there! However, I carried on covering the page with dots and spots and doodled even further onto the collaged figure.


And once again, I filmed it! You'll hopefully find it entertaining whilst settling down with a cuppa and cake. Apologies for the sound quality. I'm trying out a new microphone and I hadn't adjusted the settings correctly. It's a a bit squeaky in places!  

As I type, its attempting to snow here once again. Can't seem to get away from the horrid stuff. At least it gives me a great excuse to stay indoors and make more weird art in my journal haha.

Until next time

Love & hugs

Paul xx