Mixed Media Tag & Journal Page (+video): Obsessed


Hey there lovelies!!!!

What happens when you make a tag that's too good to just throw in a drawer with the others? Well, if you're me, you use it in an art journal page.

I wasn't intending to do anything other than sit at my desk and just play. I'd bought some rather nice embossing powders from the Seth Apter/Emerald Creek range and I wanted to see what they were like. It was out of habit that I pressed record on my video camera. 


So there I was, chopping and changing my mind and making this tag and you'll see I had no plan in mind. You would not guess how this project began just by looking at the finished page. I mean, to begin, I was grabbing my bright colours and slapping them onto a tag.


However, after a false start, I managed to emboss a bucket load of Rocky Road powder onto my tag and I instantly changed the colour scheme. Then I added a James Burke stamp, gorgeous with the muted colour scheme I used and knew I wanted to include it in a page.

I kept the page simple. A little Washi tape, a tiny amount of journaling, the simplest border. All to keep it graphic, minimal and the attention on the tag. And because I filmed it, I edited the process down to a short 8 minutes worth and uploaded to youtube.

If this is the result of what happens when I "just" play, I need to be in that mind set more often! Not only am I surprised by how it turned out, I'm really rather pleased too.

I have two other powders to play with. I wonder what I'll come up with?

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx