Mixed Media Art Journal Page (+ Video): Knowing When To Stop...or not


Hey There Lovelies!

I've been missing in action for a couple of weeks, I know. I actually did make a page last week. I even filmed and edited it. I was all ready to go. All I needed was to add a voiceover. And then I changed my mind.

You see, I wasn't 100% happy with the page. It wasn't a bad page. It just didn't meet my own personal tastes. I was happy with it up to a point. And then, I went, in my opinion, too far. I added too much to the page. I can see, when I play back the video, the point at which I should have stopped.

The page you see above, is my latest page. The one below, is the one I made before. What do you think? Do you prefer one over the other? There's no right answer here. It's a question of personal taste.


Because I didn't fully fall in love with the first page, I decided that this week I'd ask myself what I did and didn't like about it and start again. As much as possible, I would use the same materials and this time, make a page which was closer to my preferred style. 

I use the word "closer" because I feel that it's a goal which constantly moves. I've heard it said that if you are growing and learning creatively, you will look upon the work you did 6 months ago and feel that sense of embarrassment about it. Why? Because you've grown and improved since then. So I will always come close but the goalposts will move. A bit like our pensionable age in the UK :D


If you want to see how I went about making this and the previous page, the video is below. Yes, you get two pages in one. The first minute and a half is a speeded up version of the whole of the first page's process. Then, I move onto how I went about creating the latest one.

The "Beard" quote is from a Facebook post, one of my friends wrote. It still has that "overheard conversation" feeling to it. Plus my poor friend has already had an abundance of comments and a photoshopped image made in response. I fear I may be over egging the pudding by using it, but it suited the bearded image (a stamp by Mark Gould/Speshink, found here at Chocolate Baroque).

Anyway, watch the following and see if you like the new page or old.

There you go. And I haven't even touched upon the question of whether it matters or not if we make "good" or "bad" pages in our journals. Or whether it is their purpose to be perfect pieces of art? That's a discussion for another day haha

Until next time

Love & Hugs

P xx