Mixed Media Art Journal Page: He looked Good in Leather (+ Video)


Hi There Lovelies!!!

I'm back with another page to share, this time again using collaged magazine cut outs. As I've intimated before, the joy in using these comes from never knowing what will emerge. It's a surprise to me when the finished compilation is pieced together. In this case, a variation on a Merman using the head of Medusa. 


I only had one thought before I began. I wanted to include a drawing of a harness. Why? Because of the hoo-ha over Adam Rippon's outfit at the Oscars. Whether people loved or loathed it, they did so over its shock value. It's the idea that its controversial which tickles me. 

Now let me preface this by saying I personally have no interest in BDSM. I also couldn't care less if someone else does. I'm no stranger to seeing guys dressed in all sorts of weird, wacky and downright scandalous outfits. In fact, I love it. I'm certainly not shocked by it. 

However, I recall, in my younger, headier days, a time when I wore chunky metal handcuffs on a studded belt on my jeans, as jewellery.  I also  walked around town setting the outfit off nicely with a black leather jacket. I thought I was showcasing my fashion-sense credentials (yes I know, I've never had them, I was naive). Turns out I was shocking people. One store owner refused to serve me. Teenagers pointed, giggled and stared. Others made comments. Where I saw an accessory worn as jewellery, they saw mild deviancy. And though confused by the reaction I was getting, I was also lapping it up.

So to see the same happening in response to a harness worn at the Oscars, I knew I had to include one in my page. For nostalgia and cheek. And I'm so glad I did. My Merman looks all the more fabulous for it. 


And if you want to see how I put this page together and drew the harness over the collage, I recorded it and its for all to see on my Youtube channel. Just click on the image below...

As always, I hope you enjoyed and who knows, perhaps feel inspired to grab some magazines and cut them up into your own fabulous creations.

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx