A New Year, A New Page, A New Video! "On The Train with Me"


Hello Lovelies!

And Happy New Year to you! Like many, I'm on good behaviour, trying to make up for the excesses of December. I'm not one for making resolutions, just to watch me break them. Eating healthier and exercising are still my ongoing habits. I just happened to slip in the festive season and well, who doesn't?

But I have decided on one little goal. To upload and improve upon the videos on my Youtube page.  I'm going to set aside a bit more time and put a bit more thought into them. 

With that said, here's my first art journal page of the year, with, you guessed it, an accompanying video.

I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe a goofy monster will make it into a future journal page of yours too. I ran out of time and failed to explain the quote. It's another overheard snippet. The person speaking was referring to a book they were reading on the train. But I do love how, like a Dadaist, you can take sentences out of context and use them. An off-the-cuff, ordinary remark can make for such a delicious starting point for a page lol.

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx