Art Journal Page: Celebrate Your Difference (with Video)


Hey there lovelies!

I'm back with another page from my journal. This time I've taken inspiration from art journalists who collage with stamp images (Dyan Reaveley, James Burke, Teesha Moore - to name but three).  With this in mind, I printed out a selection of my digital stamps and chopped them up, switched them around and voila, i had three new Rebels to play with.

I even filmed the process of putting this page together which you can check out below

As you can see, it doesn't always go to plan. Ideas which seem to be great at the time (in my head at least), look less so in execution. Gold outlines didn't look quite as stunning as when Sherill Kahn does them (well not on this spread it didn't) and outlining the letters with a thin paint pen was not as impressive as when I went over them again, with a thicker line. Sometimes that's just how it is. When experimenting with ideas, some of them will stink. Some of them just need a little tweaking. 


The joy of making these pages is not in the finished piece. It's in the making. It's that mental zone you go into. That calm state. It's coming up with an idea about what to add next and seeing what happens when you do. 


If you're looking for something to do with your your next journal page, go through your stamps, ink 'em up, stamp 'em down and go grab your scissors. There's a weird, wacky collage just waiting to be created!

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx