Art Journal Page: Party In The Margins


Hello Lovelies!!!!

And as the divine Michelle Visage exclaimed in a pre-holiday season podcast of What's The Tee, let's Party in the Margins! For those who don't find themselves, or wish to find themselves, within the mainstream, there's indeed a party in the margins - and lets face it - thats where all the fabulous people are haha.

So I've opened another page of my journal, popped a few caps from my Posca pens and doodled the sheer heck out of it. I wanted to try out an idea of a brightly coloured background made up from drawing a bunch of wiggly lines. I'd seen a poster with something similar and wanted to give it my own spin.

Im glad I tried it though I think, now I've tried it, I could do with tweaking the idea, should I wish to try something again of a similar nature.

Anyway, if you'd like to see the process video, it's now been uploaded to Youtube and you can have a quick look by clicking on the picture below. The sound quality goes a bit wonky at the end but I've left it in. 

I hope you enjoyed it

Have a fabulous week :)

P xx