ITAC 2017 - The International Tournament of Art & Craft

Exciting news my lovelies!

The ITAC 2017 from All & Create is finally here. Behind the scenes, a team of international artists, including myself, have been keeping a little secret. And now all can be revealed. The tournament is now officially open! AND it's open to EVERYONE. There's no need to sign up anywhere. Just join in and have fun!

All the details in full can be found here.

Over five weeks, there will be five teams, each representing a different continent of the world, with their own theme, complete with tips, tutorials and masterclasses. I'm not going to get myself into hot water by telling you which one I'm in haha but I loved it, it's perfect for those who like to add doodling to their work.

And if all that isn't exciting enough :) There's PRIZES, bonuses and DT scouts. Now that should have your mouth watering.

What better way to spend the summer than creating along with us? If you didn't click the link above and now you're tempted, I'll pop it on one more time. Go HERE and learn all the fabulous details.

P xx