Art Journal Page: Just A Guy

This page has been sat on my desk, staring at me for a few weeks now. Not sure why, but it seemed to take long stretches of time before I'd return to it and add more detail. I could say it's because i had other projects on but her, when don't I have that as a standby excuse. Anyway, I'm glad it's finished and that I can move onto a fresh page.

Other than the washi tape border, this whole page has been created from acrylic inks and paint pens. I figured I could just draw some squiggly lines and go with the flow, doodling between the lines. Little realising I'd become stuck. However, once I started, there was no stopping me. It's just the pauses in between those frantic sessions.

The journaling is a new tagline I'm toying with. I've been writing down random ideas whenever they've occurred to me and this is the one I like today. I can't promise I won't think of another come tomorrow and change it all over again.

Have a great weekend my darlings

Paul x