Art Journal Doodle Page (with Video)

A bit of an experimental spread this one. I spritzed the pages with a light film of water then dropped watercolour inks (Ecoline)  onto the damp paper before leaving to one side to air dry. And that is as far as I went, for weeks. I started other pages and kept looking at the unfinished layouts.

So I set up my video camera, opened up my book and set to the task of filling the pages with doodles and marks. I tried a different angle on my camera too. I hadn't realised that the strange claw-like way I hold a pencil (I blame my school days and the teachers who ignored the left handers - I am not an elegant pencil clutcher), means that you can't see the marks I make with an overhead view. I angled my camera more at 45 degrees, so we'll see if this is a better way to film.

There's not a whole lot of technique to comment on. I just took a batch of black pens, mostly paint pens, and drew whatever came to mind. I even left some spaces without doodles either. Mainly the blue shapes. It's abstract and everyone will see  and feel differently about this spread but I sense something of the ocean. I imagine there's seaweed and rock pools here. Or a coral reef. And the blue spaces represent the seawater, so I kept them blank.

If you want to see a speeded up process, please click below to see the video...

Until next time...

Paul xx