"Drains" Art Journal Page + Video (with Commentary)

Hello Dear Friends

I've just finished a quick little art journal page where I experimented with some new Ranger Distress Oxide inks. Have you tried them? My goodness, they are worth it for the blending alone. So darn easy! In fact, I've just treated myself to a few more. I initially bought three just to try them out but now I want a more varied selection, so that I have different blended colour schemes to opt for.

Anyway, that's not all I did. I decided to video myself putting the page together. Yes, I know, I've already done a few of those already. I can tick that off my list. But this time, I've gone out of my comfort zone again and added commentary! Not only that, for the first time ever, I've recorded a face to camera introduction too. Okay, if I was a millennial, you'd say so what! Arent we all doing that? 

But I'm no millennial. I was born nearly half a century ago! Phones came plugged into walls, cameras came with film and you waited a week to pick photos up from a chemist. 

So grab a cuppa, it's only 10 minutes long, (plenty of time to dunk a biccie or two) and see how this page came together (warning, high camp and fans are involved, for those of a nervous disposition)

Thanks again for joining me here

Hopefully see you again soon

Paul xx