Just Sit - A Zine

If you think it's been a while since I last posted, you'd be right. First of all, I had a week's holiday at home. Yes, who'd have ever thought I'd have a Staycation? It almost felt like a real holiday too! Certainly if you judge by the amount of cake and ice cream I ate. Holiday or not, I now need to lose the added weight I gained!

And the other reason I haven't posted is because I made a zine. Unlike art journal pages, this took a lot more time to make. It's basically making eight ATCs, but on one sheet of card. Yes, this little booklet is made from one sheet of white A4 card.


I've seen this mini book idea many times before and have indeed made a few in my time. However, as time has passed, I had completely forgotten about this idea until the tainted Mr Burke shared a recent video with his take on it.

Well, I was renewed with enthusiasm to go and make a zine. Plus I had in my hands a batch of gorgeous stamps from Aall & Create, just sitting on my desk, calling to me. So I resolved to rip open the packaging and dirty these stamps up with ink.


I started out by painting a square block of colour in each page with acrylic inks, in rainbow order. I then looked at the stamp designs, came up with ideas and basically went with the flow. As long as it was colourful, bold and allowed for lots of doodling, anything was game.


And whilst it may take other artists/crafters a mere few hours to knock one of these fellas off, I found that each page took me roughly a couple of hours each day, meaning this took me over a week to complete. Much longer than a normal art journal project. Hence the radio silence on here. Too busy playing and being messy.

If you'd like a list of the stamps I used, here goes...

Set No. 2

Set No. 3

Set No. 4

Set No. 10

I feel the addiction to making these zines is going to take hold. I already have a head swimming with ideas for future booklets. They can be an ideal way to test out new ideas and themes. 

Until next time

P xx