Art Journal Pages using Eco Line Inks

I recently treated myself to a set of Ecoline Inks. As you may already know, I'm totally in love with using acrylic ink washes in my journal pages. So I was intrigued to see how well a watercolour ink would work. I was particularly drawn to the vibrant colour they gave.

So I opened up a journal and set about playing with these inks and producing two different pages. The one above came about by drawing three circles in pencil, doodling inside and then adding the inks with a paintbrush. I added darker colours with colour pencils and added black with a Posca paint pen. 

I trimmed these out and glued to a page I had previously given a wash of purple watercolour ink too. I added the journaling with my black Posca as well as detail around the border. And I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the gorgeous bold colour which resulted. Pages like this, make me happy. 

For the second page, I had another idea. on a separate piece of paper, using a wide paintbrush, I added thick lines of ink, in a rainbow sequence. I took a card mask I'd made and drew around in pencil. 

Then, using the black ink, I wanted to see if it would cover the other colours. Which, as you can see, it has. Okay, a second wash might have covered the blue up even more. I drew around my figure with a black Posca pen and added a doodled border.

For the journaling, I used a white Posca pen.

I trimmed the page and stuck it into my journal, bore using a purple Posca pen around the edge.

Don't you just love playing with new art materials and seeing how well there (or not). There's plenty of ink still in the bottles too, so it looks like a little goes a long way. I can happily add to many future pages.

P xx