ArtJournalPage: The Invitation

I made a darker page than normal in my art journal. I wanted it to have a more sinister undertone. Influenced by a film I watched on Netflix, over the weekend, of the same name. 

I also wanted to experiment with bright pink on a dark grey background. So with all these thoughts in my head, I went for it. I started by grabbing a light grey acrylic ink and sponging it onto the background. I then added black ink to the grey and sponged on some more. After several layers of sponging, I stamped a few images in another grey, to give some subtle texture. I was aiming for the look of a grunge wall.

I drew the balloon head guy, scanned him in to my computer and printed out. I coloured him in with watercolours then added detail with colour pencils. I stuck him in and added a grey shadow in pencil.

I took my podcast and wrote the journaling and added a dashed line for a border.

Fun to have a more graphic styled page again. Even if it shows up the flaws. Yes, if I was to do it again, the balloon guy would be dropped down a bit lower.  That's the genius of pages where more is more. It hides such visual problems lol

P x