Art Journal Page: Music

A bit of a rushed page as I have the lurgy, or rather, had. I'm feeling loads better, even if a little light on the energy front. 

I've joined the Facebook Group, The Junk Journals and their challenge for last week was to use the three colours - Pink, Turquoise and Brown, along with the theme, Music.

I doodled some swirls in pencil and painted the blocks with pink & turquoise acrylic paints. I drew a metronome, coloured it with watercolours, cut out and attached. And that's how it stayed for a few days. 

Deadlines were looming for the challenge (and incidentally, missed) so I cracked on with adding the words and a heap of doodles using paint pens.

The inspiration for the words is the Mancunian DJ and fellow old fart, Mark Radcliffe. In his autobiography, Showbusiness (which, if you can get your hands on the audiotapes, is funnier to listen to than read). He remembers listening to music as a teen, such as Bowie, whilst his parents were appalled by it all. I know my tastes in new romantic, goth and indie bands had my own shaking their heads in disbelief. And that's how it should be. I'm the generation that shouldn't understand the music of today. If I'm not shaking my head and telling youngsters that it was much better in my day, then they're listening to the wrong stuff.

It's a rite of passage to enjoy the kind of music adults hate.

And I'm aware of the timing of this post. I made this before the dreadful events just down the road from here in the city of Manchester. As I write, the details of who carried out this appalling act and why are unknown. I may not enjoy the music of Arianna Grande and why would I? It's not for my generation. But my heart breaks that the youth of today, went out to see their own musical hero, only to be caught up in unfathomable tragedy. 

It puts life into perspective at these solemn times. 

There's a new challenge up on Junk Journals, this week, a triadic colour scheme and the theme of 'Change', so I'm hoping to feel well enough to join in properly. 

Enjoy your week and hug those you love

P xx