Art Journal Page: Buck The Trend

Yes, okay, I know, I know. The page above does not read "Buck The Trend". Thing is, I'm not sure what is acceptable across social media. So I've digitally plonked a little sticker over the disgracefully foul language :D

I'm just playing around with styles and ideas in my art journal again. I thought I'd try a Graphic style, not overly fussy. I was tempted to doodle over the white space but restrained myself. I wanted to see if I liked this page and saw it as finished just as it is. 

I'll try another page and up the space-fillers and see if I prefer it. So hard to differentiate between what I truly like and what I think everyone else will like. I do tend to find my decision over whether a page is "good" or not is coloured by whether I think other people will deem it so. Which isn't the way to make better art.

I'm hugely influenced artistically, by Street Artists and it's not always how the art is produced, it's the voice behind it. The irreverence. The humour. And yes, it's the bright colours . But mostly it's the thought behind it. I love the minimalistic characters and the graffiti words but I'm not sure I'm translating it to the page authentically enough. 

Or maybe I am and I just don't see it yet. The secret, I'm aware, is to create more pages and play it out again and again and again. Get it all out of my head and onto the page. So here I go, taking a deep breath, and opening my book to the next blank page :)

P x