Art Journal Page: What is a B.I.T.C.H?

If you find that you are a person who is Being In Total Control of Him(her)self, then you are a bitch. Well according to Latrice Royale on Ru Paul's Drag Race.

I love a good (& bad) acronym. Drag (Dress Representing a Girl), Gay (Good as you), Naff (Normal as F*@$). As so does Ru Paul. Yes, I'm a fan of his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. You get the idea.

And I absolutely fell for Latrice Royale when she was on Drag Race. Boy can she turn a phrase, that one and end it with the warmest, deepest laugh ever heard on this messed up planet. And she educated the world as to what a Bitch is. Gay culture does that so well. Takes a negative, turns it into a positive. It's our armour, our shield.

The page? Well its a wash of blue acrylic ink applied with a sponge brush. Then a border, cut out from more paper which was coloured in inks. The critter is a Doodle Monster from my #The100DayChallenge. So useful to have a batch of doodles to print out and play with. I coloured him in with watercolours and pencils. The journaling and doodles were all done with paint pens.

Can't believe my journal is nearly full. Only a few pages left. I love flicking through it. All that bold, bright colour. Makes me so happy. I'll have to decide soon whether I want to decorate the outside of my journal. Or leave it as is. Well, I don't have to decide quite yet :) I could delay working in the final pages haha

P x