Art Journal Page: Growl

There came a point in the making of this page where, had it not been in an actual book, it would have been screwed up and tossed in the bin.

See that orange background? Well it has been created with at least twenty layers of various art materials. It looked fabulous at layer three but then I carried on and thats when it started to look blecchh. So I tried to correct it and every turn I took, every added layer of paint or stencilling, just made it worse. 

I finally grabbed my trusted Acrylic Inks and sponged over a couple of coats of orange and just left it overnight. I came back to it the following morning and still pulled a face when gazed down. But at least it was a gorgeous vibrant colour. I could at least work with that.

And by the time I'd added the border (spritzed copy paper with turquoise spray ink, stamped on top in black with a Seth Apter stamp, then cut out and glued to page) I was finally seeing its potential.

I printed out a digital stamp from my Etsy store, Luka (shameless plug), coloured it in, cut out and attached. I then added the wording using Posca paint pens. I was tempted to add more doodling but left alone. I actually took a step back and thought, nope, I like it as it is. Know when to stop for once in your life Paul haha.

And there you have it. I'm finally happy with a page which began as, in my opinion, a hot mess!

P xx