ArtJournal Page: Underdog Stories

I haven't posted any pages recently and with good reason. The last few I've made were too cringe worthy to share. Understandably so, as I was experimenting with a different style and new techniques. And let's say, when trying something different, it doesn't always go the way one plans in one's own head. So I've not stopped filling my journal, just had a pause in sharing them.

However, I took a deep breath, asked myself why they weren't working and how could I improve. And then I thought, sod it, why don't I just make a fun page just for me and enjoy the process. See what happens. And the result is above.

It's not perfect, in my eyes, but I can already tell I love it's daft quirkiness. I was going to add more doodles but I know I'm prone to adding marks to the point I ruin it. Next page, I told myself, can have as many doodles as I wish. This one, keep simple.

And I'm happy with it. Love the colour. Love the white space. Love that it's all hand drawn. Nothing was stuck in. It's a good base to start from. 

P xx