Not One but Two, Yes Two, Pages for Journal52

This is the first

and this is the second.

Both pages are for Journal 52. If you fancy playing along with the weekly links, you can just begin at the week you join, or if you're a purist, start with prompt one. We're only on week 5, it won't take long to catch up.

And speaking of being purist, I'm learning to embrace the other side. Impurity! Or rather, I'm continuing to embrace imperfection. Drawings are rough, lettering even rougher and colours are not within the lines. 

It's not easy to feel comfortable with these creative "freedoms". However I've been reading a book on the benefits of failure, Failed It!

The lesson which particularly caught my eye and had me mentally reaching for a highlighter was that we take more notice of the stuff we see with mistakes. For example, you'll walk passed a row of bill boards which have been correctly pasted up. You may not even see them or even recall them once you've walked by. But if, in error, one had been pasted upside down, you'll see it, notice it, notice the "failure" and you'll love it for being wrong. And you'll remember it, maybe even point it out to friends. 

So I'm easing up and embracing myself for being a Screw Up!!!! Haha

Won't you join me?

P xx