Art Journal Page: Purpose of Life


This was one of those pages which refused to co-operate right from the start. In fact, it began life with a wash of red ink rather than the pink you see before you. I tried to add visual texture by stencilling then adding more washes, plus stamping and suddenly it was just a hot revolting mess. 

I felt every idea to save it just made it look worse. The only way forward was to grab a pot of white gesso and start from scratch. With a newly white palette again, I painted a pink background and lightly stamped over the top. I took a brush of blue paint and roughly added a border. At least from this, I felt I was able to go somewhere with it.

I printed out and coloured in one of my Doodle Monster drawings, cut it out and stuck it in. Grabbing my Posca paint pens I doodled details around the border, drew some eyes on stalks and added the text in a "scratchy" style.

The quote, by Buddha, came to me whilst watching the first episode of the Netflix series, Iron Fist. I've binged on Stranger Things 2 in one weekend and would love to create some art from it but heck, there'll be no spoilers from me whilst there's plenty who won't have seen it. So after ST2, I thought I'd try a Marvel character. I know nothing about Iron Fist but seems to involve Martial Arts and the above quote was referred to by the main character. I loved it! So it had to go in.

So glad to have gotten this page done and dusted. I can now turn to a blank one, breath and begin again :)

P xx