Art Journal - Mission Inspiration Jan 2017

A new year, means the start of a new Mission Inspiration. What's one of those? It's one of these...

The idea is to use the above eight suggestions for how to construct your page with extra inspiration coming from a suggested colour scheme and a smattering of journal prompts.

And even if you look closely, you won't be able to see that I carried out the first two steps. The paint and gesso all but rendered them invisible. There is hidden journaling, which I wrote on the back on the focal character's head before sticking it down. And naturally, you can't see that either.

Oh and don't look too closely at the border. It's fair to say that, for allowing so much wonkiness, I'll never be hired as an architect. I just stuck the strips down randomly, not checking the overall visual effect. 

If you'd like to join in and create your own page, you'll find the group over on Facebook here.