A New Month & A New Shop Has Joined Etsy

An exciting day! Or at least one which makes my heartbeat fluctuate a little more erratically. Yes, I've opened a shop on Etsy - The House of The Artsiders! You will find a whole collection of weird and wonderful rebels and club kids, in a digital stamp format. All ready to download, colour and add to your projects. They will surreptitiously let loose your inner creative oddball!

I designed these stamps last year, sitting in my garden, when the weather was warm, sketchbook propped open on my lap, pen in hand, doodling away and sipping gallons of freshly brewed tea. And I now realise that was the easiest part.

The rest was a head spinning plan of converting to vectors, coming up with logos, banners, thumbnails, watermarks, names, and so on and so forth. It  all takes, well, if not a labour of love, certainly one of time.

Don't tell anyone who lives with me though, ahem. I actually enjoyed every minute of it.

My hope and fantasy now is that someone out there in the land of Etsy, will chance upon them, love them and find them as fun and as quirky as I do. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy printing them out and using in my own art journals.

And should the weather bless this country later in the year, who knows, I may be out in the garden again, doodling more characters for my journals and the shop.

P xx