Art Journal Page: The Voice in My Head & A Time-Lapse Video

I've something a little different today. I remembered to switch the video camera on as I made the above page. So if you feel so inclined, you can see a time-lapse of how I put this page together. 

I am always tickled when I see a playback of one of my videos. They look as if I confidently have a plan and know where I'm heading with a page. Which couldn't be further from the truth. All I knew for this page was that I wanted a brick background. The rest was made up as I went along.

Anyway, hope you enjoy...

I have to say it was a joy to make this page, with all those bright colours. Such a contrast to the grey world outside my window haha

If I remember to charge the battery on my camera AND to switch it on, I'll  hopefully have another video, the next time I make a page :)

P xx