Art Journal: Life Is Hard...Make Art

A wonderful quote from Dr Pizza. Don't know who the flamin' I'm on about? He's the truly brilliant artist behind the Creative Pep Talk podcast. Yes his real name is Andy Miller, but he's also know as Dr Pizza & Andy J Pizza. The credit above is correct :) The latest episode  116 - Unlock Your True Potential, contains not only this quote but a heap of others I could have also used.

I've been sharing my WIP for this page over on my Instagram account (link up in the top right corner there). So if you've been catching that, you'll know the page began by drawing and pro marker-ing the triangles. I painted a wash of acrylic ink in the remaining white space, then printed out, coloured in and cut out three digital stamp figures (like this image? news coming soon).

The quote was added along with the doodles, using Posca paint pens. And voila, a bright and colourful page. 

P xx