Art Journal Page: I'm Not Nailing it Guys

This was great fun to make. Not least, the painting of the neon green acrylic ink background. I have a set of half a dozen of these acrylic inks in fluorescent hues and unlike the usual inks in the range, these need several coats to achieve the vibrance. But it's worth it. And the advantage of acrylic ink, is how easy it is to stamp on top, especially when creating a collage of images on top.

The misfit character was another fun part to this page. For a change, I drew the body instead of using a magazine cut out. I pencilled the design over pre-painted card and outlined with a black paint pen. I cut this out and added the face and eyes with the usual magazine finds. In fact, the main face is an ex-prime minister. The hairline was painted over with a couple of layers of orange acrylic and then a yellow Posca pen dotted on top.

I doodled a border with both Sharpie and Posca pens. Finally I created the journalling from an eaves-dropped quote, and pasted on top.

My book of square Art Journal Pages is quite thick now. And having seen so many wonderful art journals created in actual books, I'm tempted to start filling one myself. Maybe my next page will indeed be inside a book. 

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