Art Journal Page: If It's Not Fun

This is the first of two pages that use a digital stamp designed and sold by the extremely creative James Burke. The second one isn't finished yet. The stamp in question, should you wish to purchase it (or any of his other delightfully quirky images) is Cherry, which can be found on his Etsy Store.

I thought I'd try something different again with this page. Stretch myself out of my comfort zone. I began with dripping ink into a puddle of water and letting dry. I printed out Cherry and tried to use my Posca paint pens o colour her in. Not so easy on ordinary copy paper as it would ball up and leave snaggly bits. Worth trying though.

I cut her out and stuck her on and then sat and stared at the page. And I sat and stared some more. And some more. And no ideas came to mind on what next step I could take. I was drawing a complete blank. In the good old days I could have tried alcohol or nicotine to stimulate the old brain. 

I left it for a while. Came back to it. Still nothing. The problem was that I was in my head too much. All that thinking and no doing. So I grabbed a packet of Sharpie markers and started doodling. No idea of the how, whats or whys. Soon enough, the page was covered.

It was crying out for a border so I inked one in and doodled over it too. For the quote, I went to my "overheard quotes" file and dragged this gem out. 

Great fun to make this page and play. Whether I learnt anything to bring to future pages remains to be seen. 

I'll carry on with my second Cherry page which is already completely different to this one and the moment it's finished, I'll post on here (if it didn't find itself in the wastebasket first haha)

P x