My First Vlog Hop

Well this is an eventful day for my blog. It's one with a couple of firsts! First public video and first vlog hop!

This is, in fact just for fun, between friends. A mini vlog-hop if you will. And it's "mini" because there are only three of us. 



So let me rewind. A couple of arty online friends of mine who create incredible videos of their art journal pages, and myself, found ourselves in a discussion about whether to make a page with artistic male nudity. We all agreed this was something we'd do personally. But would we do it and share with the world online? And blow me down, we agreed we would. We did put out feelers to see if anyone else wanted to join in but no takers. Maybe the subject of male nudity in art is a little dull and off-putting. For that, I can but only apologise at not being more risque haha. 

Who are the other uber-talanted chaps? Please raise the roof and put your hands together for the ultra-stylish Mr Mike Deakin and the fabulousity that is Mr Aaron Blazevitch. Go grab your favourite tipple, sit back, relax and treat yourself to a sneaky visit of their contributions. And just be aware that because the subject is Male Nudity, the art on display may be NSFW. 

Mike Deakin

Aaron Blazevitch

and whilst there, if you haven't already, do go watch their huge backlog of videos. I promise you will come away inspired and entertained.

As for my own video. I'm pleased with it, as a first effort and for all I learnt in the process. I've had to get to grips with cameras, software, video editing etc. Though I have been assured, it does get easier haha. A year from now, who knows, I may have mastered it :D

P xx