Art Journal Page: Not A Freak

Back to a full on colourful page for this one. It's still in the same formula as previous pages. Not sure if that means I'm learning to dig deep or I've fallen into a rut. 

I can certainly see that I default placing my character on the right hand side. That the face is bigger than the body. That I always use different eyes to the face, regardless. And yes, i'm favouring printing out my quotes, than writing them in.

The collage this time is not so minimal as before. The face is made up of three sections plus the lipsticks. And the body isn't a standalone either, I've added a tomato under the arm. 

The one new tool I've used in this layout is a Fude Ball Pen. Around the quotes. It writes beautifully. The flow of ink is the best I've ever encountered. But I have to say the black ink looks fairly weak used over the acrylic paint background. It pales next to using a Posca pen. So I'll need to experiment to see where I can use it to its best potential in future designs.