Art Journal Page: I'd Rather be a Freak

Trying something different with my background. This one is closer to the recent trend for using watercolours. And I've decided to let this page have some actual white "white space".

My collaged character is a composite of an A list male celeb, plonked on top of a lingerie advert model and given a gay author's eyes. So just 3 elements again. Doodling has been kept to am minimum and a short quote added on top. 

I think this is about as minimal as I can go and still be "arty" and "mixed media".

Maybe you disagree?

Have to admit though. I am growing fond of having all-over colour rather than white. It's good to see where my preferences are developing as I carry on making these pages.

Oh yes and this is a brilliant quote. Something I passionately believe. But then the subject of what is fake and what is authentic is a big topic and my thoughts on this area could make for a very long post. Not for today.