Art Journal Page: My Namesake

The background to this page is yet another experiment. It very nearly ended up in my filled-to-the-brim wastebasket. It was but only for the voice in my head encouraging me to keep at it and see if I could add to it, that I carried on.

It began with my adding splashes of neon acrylic inks to the white page and scraping through a few of them with a plastic card and scribbling others with a toothpick. I had hoped for a bright rainbow of colour which would wake the most bleary of eyes. 

What I had instead was a stinking pile of hot mess. That was when it was destined for the bin. Instead I persevered and covered the whole piece in translucent orange acrylic ink, which improved it but still didn't thrill. I finally added a thin coat of red acrylic paint with a baby wipe and then thought yup, that actually works.

My neon inks were still calling out to me, saddened by my betrayal of them. I desperately wanted to try them out. So I grabbed just one bottle, the pink and sponged it onto another sheet of card. It took three coats before I warmed to the vibrancy. I stamped over the result with a couple of texture stamps before cutting the whole piece into strips and adding as a border.

I stamped a black outline using Staz on ink. It was then my joy to create a collaged misfit. The face is actually made from a magazine cutting of one of America's presidential hopefuls. And to give you a clue, it isn't that terrifying Trump guy. (Believe me that sentence has had to be toned down. All the expletives I need to describe him would send the internet into meltdown). 

And the quote. It's not true of course. How could anyone believe it? But like a lot of art journalers, who perhaps like me, don't use our pages as a place to express thoughts, emotions or brain dumps, I often ask myself, what should I write? 

Of course, why write anything? It's not a rule. Though there are some who don't consider it an art journal if you don't add text in some format. And that's fine if they think that. But no ones going to come to your house in the middle of the night and drag you off to a cell for not adding text.

However, I went on a weekend cartooning course a few years ago and one of our assignments was to listen out for snippets of conversation and record them in a notebook. Believe me, you hear the most random sentences from people when you earwig in this fashion. Then on the final day, we were to select the best phrase and illustrate it. Best lesson I ever had.

I remembered this the other day and thought what an ingenious way to add journaling to my pages. I'll note down interesting gobbets of conversation I overhear. So beware people, when you're having a natter within my earshot, you may find your most inane utterances transcribed into art haha. Better that than reading my real thoughts ;)

P xx