Art Journal Page: Let Me See You Stripped

I'm still working on my freaky-people collages and colourful backgrounds for my art journal. There are subtle differences each time I make a page even if, at first glance, they do look similar. 

A lot more stencilling went into the background this time. Four paints from the blue family make up the overall effect. That's two more than I normally use. 

Posca pens created the rest of the page except for the white which was a signo uni-ball pen.

I can tell I'm still staying with my graphic aesthetic. I still want to hold back on filling the page. Even in the collage, I'm interested in using as few elements as I can to make up my characters. The above is made from only three. The minimalist in me hasn't quite let go yet.

As for the quote, it's there because I'm listening to that particular song at the moment. And I'm listening to it because I'm reading a brilliant autobiography, Bad Kid. It's tells the story of the author's teenage years and like myself, his musical tastes include such diverse bands as Erasure & Depeche Mode. 

I love the book and completely lost myself in his story. I stayed up way past my normal bedtime just so I could read it to the end. It's not for everyone, it's graphic in both language and content, which only made me love it more. If you're a parent of a teenager, this book will be about your very worst fears. All of them! You name it, it's in here.

There are more art journal pages to come. I have two unfinished pages sitting on my desk. They both require journalling and then I can share. 

See you soon (possibly stripped?). P xx