Art Journal: The Best Revenge

Here I go with another completed art journal page which I threw together this weekend.

It all began in the back of a camper van, out in a secluded car park, deep within the darker side of the Peak District. You can see photos and read what I'm talking about on John Bloodworth's Blog, here.

The resulting tags which I brought home with me, have been chopped into smaller collage tiles and used lovingly around the outside of my page.

The rest is cut outs from magazines and a few doodles. The quote was typed out on the computer, printed and scissored before attaching. And no, I'm not feeling hurt, stung or the need to grab my due vengeance. It's simply not in my nature. 

It's from a vivid dream I had last night. The details are now fuzzy but I was in a scenario where I was being shunned by a fictional community and I kept repeating to myself that "success will be my revenge". I typed it into google and the nearest I could find was the one I used, by Frank Sinatra. 

I'm now gathering a good pile of artwork now. Once the stack reaches a sizeably mean thickness, I have in mind to make a book to store them all in. Hoping that it will contain a cheerful rainbow of bright colours. But before that happens, I need to keep on making.