'Having a Moment up Kinder' Page

I'm going in with this month's More Than Words challenge. This time around, it's Moment & Clocks.

I decided that my "moment" would be the achievement of walking up to the highest point of the Peak District at the end of last year. 

I began the page by marking out where I was going to position the photo, in pencil and then, using this guide, I added a variety of stamps and stencils to create the splats. I find that this keeps the card buckle-free.

The clocks were stamped on and washi tape lines were applied. I die cut the strip of mesh from painted card I had sitting in my box. The rainbow die cut was also lying around for me to make use of (from the day I spent with my fab friend Neet, using distress crayons).

The studs were glued on and I created the journalling blocks on computer before printing off and trimming out.

And now the weather has improved, I'm back out in the Peak District again, when time allows. Yesterday, for instance, I was sat by a lake, sun glinting off the water, munching on a sandwich & granola bar, whilst being entertained by the most adorable signets. There was barely a sound, except for a woodpecker bashing it's beak on a tree in the distance. It was perfect! I may soon find myself hiking up Kinder again.