Scrapbooking is Bliss

My mixed media adventures have seen me return to scrapbooking. It's come a long way since I last made a page which wasn't digital or pocket. There seems to be a new style emerged in the last year or so, a crossover from art journals and I love it.

So I am dipping my rusty fingers into this brilliant hobby again and you know what? I am having such a buzz and thrill. I haven't felt this way about arts and crafts in a long while. The playful side, which has been absent, is something I now realise, I missed so much. Okay, I'm still not into messy art. And now I'm realising I don't have to be. There are oodles of blogs showcasing projects which are arty and clean. Like a biscuit, I'm supping it all up.

The above is my first attempt as I learn what works and what doesn't. There's black gesso applied through a template, Acrylic inks painted and splatted on, Stamping, homemade black dots and a DIY circular embellishment. 

I'm so pumped, I made another one straight after but I'll share that in another post.