Remembering my Photography days at College

I took the lessons from last time about trying to apply ink without the card buckling too much and tried a few other ways to apply it. Some with success. Others less so. The playful side of it is still a blast. But the final look needs refinement. It'll come. I'll keep at it. 

Oh and I'll let you into a secret. This wasn't my first layout. That one is sat in the bin. This is my second attempt.

The photo is one I took back in college of champagne and cobwebs. Inspired by the song, Snobbery & Decay. My days at college were some of my best. I was encouraged to express myself and be free to create. All ideas were explored. That has sometimes been lost in the years since. Especially when I went to work. I quickly learnt that the business of photography, for instance, was nowhere near as fun or creative as it was in college. 

However, in my craft space, making these layouts and art journal pages, that feeling is coming back to me.