Loving a Selfie in a Hat

The last page I made had gesso and a good splash of ink on it. And even though I used thick card, it still buckled and bent. The foul language in this house would have made you blush. I may have liked the inky style but its application left a lot to be desired.

This time around, I applied ink through a splat-shaped stencil and added the rest of the larger splashes with a paintbrush. Spattering with ink is no problem. It's too small to make the card bend and curl. And it worked, the paper stayed flat, to my relief.

There's a trend for button badges too, so I knocked my own up out of a DIY button. A little digital work, printed out and glued on top. It's a bit too bulky for my liking but I'm pleased to have given it a go. I have some embarrassing Disney badges sitting on my desk as I type. I'm too ashamed to tell you which film but they were cheap and I'll cover them with my own designs for future layouts.

The stud embellishments were much better, a lot flatter. I have a ton of them to use up, so this won't be the last time you see me use these.