When You're Not Quite Sure

I'm not quite sure about this page. I did say right at the beginning of this blog, that my intention is to share with you what I learn as I progress in mixed media. The ups and downs, the good, bad and the downright fugly.

Not sure where this one fits in. One minute I look at it & say it's awful. I leave it, come back and think, actually it's alright. Then I change my mind back and so on and so forth.

All that aside, I have taken on board a piece of useful advise and been successful. Abdallah, who's pages I drool over, recommended card of 350gms. I have, up to now been using card of 250gms, thinking that would be thick enough. Oh how wrong I was.

The green square in the centre of my page. It may look like I stuck it on but au contraire. I masked it off and then absolutely soaked it in green ink. I sprayed mists of water and white ink over the top and initially the whole card buckled slightly. However, Abdallah also suggested I leave it to dry naturally rather than with a heat tool.

Sure enough, I came back to it an hour later and was greeted by a flat, buckle-free piece of card. I'm going to have to invest in a truck load now. 

Oh and the quote. It's a stamp by Darkroom Door. If you don't own it already, it wouldn't surprise me if you're no longer reading this and are clicking on the link to purchase. And you know what? I wouldn't blame you one iota.