Make Art, Not Love

Here's another page to go into my Seth Apter Binder. Still trying to play with adding watery colours to a background. Plus I wanted to keep the design with one colour and black. In this case, blue.

There's a piece of washi tape stuck on there so I think I can say this is officially mixed media. The rest is created by stamping either directly onto the background or onto white card and cut out. 

Only the title words were done differently, on computer, then printed out. 

Oh and the words? When I looked at the page, the phrase "make love, not war" came to mind. A bit cliched for my liking. "Make art, not war" whilst noble in intention, brings on the same effect as watching nail polish dry.  However, "Make Art, Not Love", now there's a mantra I can get behind. Look, I'm in my late 40's, not my 20's. I know which one I'm more passionate about. Give me a thick and juicy pen every time!