A New Page for a New Journal, for this, the New Blog

Hello and welcome.

Well I said there'd be some tweaks to be made to this new blog and so there was. To begin, some people couldn't get onto the website, it asked you instead to log in. Fixed. Plus, I hadn't turned on the comments section on. Fixed. If you spot anything else out there, I'd love it if you let me know and I'll correct it.

Okay, so for a new blog all about finding my way around the mixed media world, I'm beginning a new journal. Not in a book, no. I'm using instead, Seth Apter's 3-ring binder. At the moment, it's in the undecorated state it arrived. I'll post a photo on here at a future date, when I've altered it.

In the meantime, I've taken my first step by creating a page for it. It's full of ink splashes and stamped images, with a couple of die cuts and a photo. The rainbow circle and 'X' were cut from paper which I'd painted with Distress Crayons. My verdict? Fun to use but I'm not sold on them. I have a feeling they will be filed to the back of my craft room to gather dust. If I come across a brilliant tutorial showing how to make better use of them, I'll have another go. 

The page is my entry for a new-to-me challenge site, More Than Words. And I'm only just in time. There's only a few days left before the deadline.

I've followed the colours in the photo and inspired by the word escape, I've added a photo of my new walking boots. For me, escape is all about being out in the countryside, especially the hills of the Peak District. Nothing lifts me up as much as being in and around nature. My boots are what make it possible.