An Altered Cocktail Glass


And so to begin...

This little beauty is one of a pair of cocktail glasses I found in my local charity shop. The second glass, is still sitting upon my desk, very much untouched. This one, as you can see, has had all sorts thrown at it. However, first off, let me say that the idea to alter a cocktail glass is inspired by a very talented crafter called Nico. Check out what he made back in February here. I know. Isn't it brilliant? It impressed me so much, I wanted to give it a go.

I didn't want to outright copy the idea. It needed my spin on it. As much as I love the vintage look, it's not to my taste. I prefer the contemporary. I've also been trying out a bright, bold palette of late. 

My first step was to coat the whole glass inside and out with gesso. I ran some white card through an embossing folder with bubbly circles on it. I tore the result into pieces and glued the to the glass. I grabbed a bag of studs and glued these round the rim. Then with some ova glue, I painted trails running down the glass, between the embossed card pieces. Over the glue, I trickled seed beads and left the whole lot to dry. 

To the base of the glass I add more glue then adhered an assortment of star shaped studs. The rest I sprinkled with Ice Diamond pieces (from Pinflair). Once set, the whole glass was given another coat of gesso. Then it was a case of adding colour. With acrylic paints, I added blue to the top, purple to the base and blended them on the stem for an ombre effect. The seed beads were coloured with a metallic pearl paint. I finished off, by painting the inside of the glass with a graphic looking black.

Once the glass was dry I gave the whole piece a coat of Liquitex glass varnish. 

As I type, I can see it displayed proudly on my craft room windowsill, bringing yet more colour to my creative space. 

P x