Art Journal Page: WTF!

This page is a reaction to a certain event last week. One that unless you were somewhere on Mars, wouldn't have escaped your attention. I have plenty that I think on the subject and could indeed spew forth here. But I'm not. The page speaks for itself. You can, I'm sure, fill in the gaps.

I actually began this page on Tuesday, the evening before I woke up to a horrible reality. And I decided to experiment and try something different with my style. Put a little more into the background and see how I felt.

So I covered my desk in a scattering of red rubber and like a frenzied maniac, covered the pages in black inked images. Once dry, I coated in purple acrylic paint, until the images were just a ghost behind. 

With a darker purple Staz On ink, I stamped some more. This time with a bit more care, as these images would be seen.

Then, Wednesday night, I attended my local art group, pulled out my journal, collaged my character and pencilled in three large letters.

With my Posca paint pens, I coloured in my letters and added the exclamation marks. I also experimented with leaving the page without a border. Again, to see if I cared for it or not.

And my opinion of the final page? I think, its okay. It ain't gonna hang in an art gallery anytime soon and earn me the big bucks but the style of adding more to the background and removing a border, is not too displeasing to my sensitivities. I can see myself playing around with this style a bit more.

And it's been nearly a week since that international news story broke, so my gut reaction which lead to the generation of this page has evolved too. Andy J Miller expressed it best for me in his Instagram post. And I'm making small positive changes too xx