Art Journal Page: Get Better, Not Bitter

This is the first layout I've made in a brand new journal. It feels daunting to begin the first page and to be working in a different size and shape to my usual square pages. I'm sure I'll adapt soon enough.

It's not perfect. I can see glaring imperfections all over the shop. And I hope, as I progress through this journal, continuing to try ideas out, I'll only get better.

I certainly enjoyed playing around with bright colours and paint pens. It went a bit sloppy here and there. When a smudge happens or the pens slip, you can't erase the unexpected effect. I just have to learn to let it be what it is. 

So it's time to turn the page, take what I enjoyed about the process and improve on those aspects which need work. 

And hopefully, I'll put time aside to do another video soon :)

P xx