Mixed Media Art Journal Page (+Video): That Weird Lip Twitch Thing


Hey There Lovelies

I'm back, after a short break, with another colourful art journal page and video. As much as I like to aim for making at least one page a week, sometimes life throws a curveball and it doesn't happen. 

Thankfully, all is back on track now and I was able to sit at my desk, switch the camera on and pootle away creating a new page.


And it all began with a doodle monster sketch that I scanned into my computer and redrew as vector art. I wanted a softer, rounded character, simply designed so that I could add my own embellishments and decoration once printed out. Oh yes, and it had to be easy to cut out. No fussy cutting!


The background too, I wanted to simplify. Not too many visual layers. Just enough to keep it interesting. I'm always playing around to see how far I can go in keeping my mixed media as minimal as I can whilst also maintaining visual interest and most importantly the element of play. 

And if you want to see how I went about it, grab a cuppa, sit back for a few minutes  and watch the video below. 

Okay, I know I ramble on in them. I'm still learning haha. I hope you enjoyed watching.

I'm off to go scribble some more creature designs to use in future pages. And I may grab my own cup of tea and watch some videos by my favourite mixed media artists too

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Category Is...Black & Gold Realness | Art Journal Page


Hey There Lovelies!!!

This week I'm starting a new theme, "Category Is..." in keeping with my Drag Ball Inspired name "House of the Artsiders". Also, Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 10 is currently on each week and I'm lapping it up every Friday on Netflix. 

The runway challenges of Drag Race & New York's Drag Balls (watch the film Paris is Burning if you want to learn all there is to know on Balls), have themes beginning with, you guessed it, "Category is..."

I thought I might take some of Drag Race categories and interpret them in mixed media and art journals. And I might expand it out into my categories. And then I saw the photo below on Pinterest and thought Yasssss!!! Black & Gold Realness! That will be my first attempt at this theme.

B&G Photo Movie Width.jpg

The use of black and gold plus that gorgeous vine design running down her face and neck. Such a striking photo to be inspired by.


I hadn't planned on being as literal as I was. I used a grey background, similar to the model's skin colour in the photo. I began drawing a face, a club-kid kinda idea and by the time I finished adding the embossed pieces, I realised I had almost copied the face with gold above the eyes ad black along the eyes. 

However, the vines were a joy to doodle and add to the rest of the page. It took around an hour but I was completely lost in time scribbling away.

And yes, I recorded the process and the edited video can be found below. 

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any suggestions for future "Category Is..." challenges, let me know

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xxx

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: That Person's Head


Hi There 

What a welcome change. After a variety of lessons learnt on previous pages, I've created one which was mostly hitch free and yes, to my liking. I'm actually feeling pleased. Okay, I can still look at it and point out a few areas I'd want to perfect but I've accepted in my old and wiser years, that this is not a productive way to view my art.

I do love the graphic styled arrangement of all the elements and I am really bowled over by the way the lime green and purple interact. Colour, especially bright, cheerful palettes, visually bring me joy to look at. 


There's a little bit of collage thrown into the mix too. Taking a couple of faces cut from magazines and altering to make cartoonish, fun characters to my page. It's painting the eyes which slay me! It gives the cut-outs that extra Dadaist touch. 

If you'd like to see an edited video of the process, click below and watch with a cuppa and try to ignore the ramblings in the voiceover haha. 

And that's how this fabulous page came into being. 

I shall keep this spread in mind in the future, when I need to recall what, creatively, brings me joy.

So until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Sparkle for Free


Hi There Lovelies!

I'm back with yet another art journal page. You'd think my journal would be almost full by now at this rate. However, I'm not even at the halfway point!

Well, despite the deceptively simple appearance of the finished page, this turned out to be quite an educational piece, especially on the use of paints and paint pens. 


All went well until I added an orange border and tried to draw over the top of it. I ended up breaking three pen nibs and having to buy replacements. Nothing I tried would draw on top. They all started out fine, but I'd be halfway down a border and the ink would dry up. Shaking, stabbing, washing, crying. Nothing brought these pens back to life.

I persevered, hence the graveyard of pens left behind as I ruined one after the other. However, after a night's sleep, I grabbed my gesso and whited the border out and began again. 


So now I'm going back to basics and re-educating myself on which paints and inks work best with which pens and pencils. I've been creating swatches onto scraps of paper and finding the ones which work best for my particular style. 

No doubt I'll still have learning experiences in the future too. But hopefully, for at least now, my pens will thank me and I won't spend several hours faffing over tiny details on a border, only to erase it the following day :D

I filmed the process which you are more than welcome to watch below. I've left in the first border attempt but it is brutally edited. And in spite of the aggravations, I did end up with a page I love. Especially the sparkle doodles.

I hope you enjoyed. 

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Mixed Media Tag & Journal Page (+video): Obsessed


Hey there lovelies!!!!

What happens when you make a tag that's too good to just throw in a drawer with the others? Well, if you're me, you use it in an art journal page.

I wasn't intending to do anything other than sit at my desk and just play. I'd bought some rather nice embossing powders from the Seth Apter/Emerald Creek range and I wanted to see what they were like. It was out of habit that I pressed record on my video camera. 


So there I was, chopping and changing my mind and making this tag and you'll see I had no plan in mind. You would not guess how this project began just by looking at the finished page. I mean, to begin, I was grabbing my bright colours and slapping them onto a tag.


However, after a false start, I managed to emboss a bucket load of Rocky Road powder onto my tag and I instantly changed the colour scheme. Then I added a James Burke stamp, gorgeous with the muted colour scheme I used and knew I wanted to include it in a page.

I kept the page simple. A little Washi tape, a tiny amount of journaling, the simplest border. All to keep it graphic, minimal and the attention on the tag. And because I filmed it, I edited the process down to a short 8 minutes worth and uploaded to youtube.

If this is the result of what happens when I "just" play, I need to be in that mind set more often! Not only am I surprised by how it turned out, I'm really rather pleased too.

I have two other powders to play with. I wonder what I'll come up with?

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Mixed Media Art Journal Page (+ Video): Knowing When To Stop...or not


Hey There Lovelies!

I've been missing in action for a couple of weeks, I know. I actually did make a page last week. I even filmed and edited it. I was all ready to go. All I needed was to add a voiceover. And then I changed my mind.

You see, I wasn't 100% happy with the page. It wasn't a bad page. It just didn't meet my own personal tastes. I was happy with it up to a point. And then, I went, in my opinion, too far. I added too much to the page. I can see, when I play back the video, the point at which I should have stopped.

The page you see above, is my latest page. The one below, is the one I made before. What do you think? Do you prefer one over the other? There's no right answer here. It's a question of personal taste.


Because I didn't fully fall in love with the first page, I decided that this week I'd ask myself what I did and didn't like about it and start again. As much as possible, I would use the same materials and this time, make a page which was closer to my preferred style. 

I use the word "closer" because I feel that it's a goal which constantly moves. I've heard it said that if you are growing and learning creatively, you will look upon the work you did 6 months ago and feel that sense of embarrassment about it. Why? Because you've grown and improved since then. So I will always come close but the goalposts will move. A bit like our pensionable age in the UK :D


If you want to see how I went about making this and the previous page, the video is below. Yes, you get two pages in one. The first minute and a half is a speeded up version of the whole of the first page's process. Then, I move onto how I went about creating the latest one.

The "Beard" quote is from a Facebook post, one of my friends wrote. It still has that "overheard conversation" feeling to it. Plus my poor friend has already had an abundance of comments and a photoshopped image made in response. I fear I may be over egging the pudding by using it, but it suited the bearded image (a stamp by Mark Gould/Speshink, found here at Chocolate Baroque).

Anyway, watch the following and see if you like the new page or old.

There you go. And I haven't even touched upon the question of whether it matters or not if we make "good" or "bad" pages in our journals. Or whether it is their purpose to be perfect pieces of art? That's a discussion for another day haha

Until next time

Love & Hugs

P xx

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: He looked Good in Leather (+ Video)


Hi There Lovelies!!!

I'm back with another page to share, this time again using collaged magazine cut outs. As I've intimated before, the joy in using these comes from never knowing what will emerge. It's a surprise to me when the finished compilation is pieced together. In this case, a variation on a Merman using the head of Medusa. 


I only had one thought before I began. I wanted to include a drawing of a harness. Why? Because of the hoo-ha over Adam Rippon's outfit at the Oscars. Whether people loved or loathed it, they did so over its shock value. It's the idea that its controversial which tickles me. 

Now let me preface this by saying I personally have no interest in BDSM. I also couldn't care less if someone else does. I'm no stranger to seeing guys dressed in all sorts of weird, wacky and downright scandalous outfits. In fact, I love it. I'm certainly not shocked by it. 

However, I recall, in my younger, headier days, a time when I wore chunky metal handcuffs on a studded belt on my jeans, as jewellery.  I also  walked around town setting the outfit off nicely with a black leather jacket. I thought I was showcasing my fashion-sense credentials (yes I know, I've never had them, I was naive). Turns out I was shocking people. One store owner refused to serve me. Teenagers pointed, giggled and stared. Others made comments. Where I saw an accessory worn as jewellery, they saw mild deviancy. And though confused by the reaction I was getting, I was also lapping it up.

So to see the same happening in response to a harness worn at the Oscars, I knew I had to include one in my page. For nostalgia and cheek. And I'm so glad I did. My Merman looks all the more fabulous for it. 


And if you want to see how I put this page together and drew the harness over the collage, I recorded it and its for all to see on my Youtube channel. Just click on the image below...

As always, I hope you enjoyed and who knows, perhaps feel inspired to grab some magazines and cut them up into your own fabulous creations.

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx


Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Full of Krill (with Video)


Hi There!

Thank you for popping by and visiting my blog today.

I'm sharing another page, this time inspired by a challenge set by the Junk Journals group. The options this time around are

THEME, well that’s for you to decide! We want to see you do with the Technique, Product and colour!

Now how can I pass that up? It simply screams my style. Yes, the point of doing challenges can be to stretch you outside that wonderful comfort zone. Been there, done that, went back under my duvet. So I'm more than happy to join in on one where I'm completely at ease haha.


The rainbow became my background, as did the inks. Armed with the ROYGBIV options in Ranger's Distress Oxides, I applied my lines of colour and blended them into each other. I've said it before but by heck they are so freakin easy to blend!

The border was doodled on top and well, that's the challenge met right there! However, I carried on covering the page with dots and spots and doodled even further onto the collaged figure.


And once again, I filmed it! You'll hopefully find it entertaining whilst settling down with a cuppa and cake. Apologies for the sound quality. I'm trying out a new microphone and I hadn't adjusted the settings correctly. It's a a bit squeaky in places!  

As I type, its attempting to snow here once again. Can't seem to get away from the horrid stuff. At least it gives me a great excuse to stay indoors and make more weird art in my journal haha.

Until next time

Love & hugs

Paul xx