about me

I am the artsider. Little old me. My name is Paul Browning. I'm a budding mixed media artist and designer. I also craft, cook and indulge in photography in my spare time. I live in the United Kingdom, in the rain-soaked north west, with my civil-partner, Nick and our elderly feline menace, Basil. 

I've been involved in arts and crafts for more years than I care to confess. I've dabbled in messy, inky, paint-spattered projects and those which are precise, clean and simple. There's an element of Jekyll & Hyde to my creative personality. I enjoy the freedom and voice of freestyle artists. Yet the artwork I'm drawn to when I trawl the internet or when visiting galleries, is clean, minimalist and has a graphic, bold look.

Are you like me? Do you straddle the aesthetic worlds of both art and design? Do you wish to try out all the arty, messy, inky techniques whilst staying true to a clean and graphic style?

If so, join me here on my quest to see if I can have my cake and eat it. To create in that space where art and design collide in the world of mixed media. Rest assured, mistakes will be made and embarrassing projects will be created. Not only is this normal, it's essential. It's the fastest way to learn. Fabulousness awaits us on the other side. 

 So, go grab those inks, paints and your fur trimmed marigolds and together, let's see what happens.